Source: a community-driven website for sharing resources related to teaching robotics to Master and PhD students.


This website aims to offer community-driven resources related to teaching robotics. Go ahead and send us the links to your own teaching-related projects!


Online course on SLAM from Uni Freiburg. Slides available upon request.

Online course on autonomous robots from ETH. The Robot Programming Network is an initiative for creating a network of robotics education laboratories with remote programming capabilities. It consists of both online open course materials and online servers that are ready to execute and test the programs written by remote students. Online materials include introductory course modules on robot programming, mobile robotics and humanoids, aimed to learn from basic concepts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to more advanced programming skills. By using ROS as robotics middleware, the system can be extended to a large number of robot platforms, and connected to other existing tele-laboratories.

Course Projects

TRS is an open-source recipe for organizing a master-level robotics project. It relies on a cross-platform robot development (Matlab/RTB) and simulation (V-REP) environment that can be installed in five minutes and that allows students to write control, navigation, vision or manipulation algorithms in a hundred lines of Matlab or Python code. TRS contains a project structure (documentation, objectives, milestones), and the software skeleton for running the project (simulator models, Matlab code examples, install instructions). It is freely available and extendable.


Copenhagen, Denmark, July 9, at ICVS: Tutorial on teaching robotics with a simulator.

Kobe, Japan, August 31 2015, at Ro-Man: Tutorial on teaching robotics with a simulator.

Hamburg, Germany, September 2015, at IROS: Tutorial on teaching robotics with a simulator.

Past Events

Chicago, September 14 2014, at IROS: Tutorial on teaching robotics with a simulator.

Hong Kong, June 5 2014, at ICRA: Workshop on using MATLAB/Simulink for Robotics Education and Research.


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