H06U9B: Advanced Robot Control Systems (ARCS)

Advanced Robot Control Systems is a an elective course in KU Leuven's Master of Mechanical Engineering. Starting in fall 2022, I teach the course in tandem with Prof. Herman Bruyninckx.

TRS: An Open-source Recipe for Teaching/Learning Robotics with a Simulator.

TRS is an open-source recipe for organizing a master-level robotics project, that I developed while creating INFO0948 at the University of Liège.


TRS relies on a cross-platform robot development and simulation environment that can be installed in five minutes and that allows students to write control, navigation, vision or manipulation algorithms in a hundred lines of Matlab or Python code. TRS contains a project structure (documentation, objectives, milestones), and the software skeleton for running the project (simulator models, Matlab code examples, install instructions). It is freely available and extendable.

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